54" and Model 1370 EXCEN-CRUSHER

UCC EXCEN-CRUSHER® Clinker Grinders are designed to handle the broadest possible range of friable materials. These robust clinker grinders incorporate a host of design features that improve efficiency and reliability in bottom ash handling systems. Crushing can be accomplished in either wet or dry environments with pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical systems downstream.

The Model 1370 is an equivalent design to the 54”, with the exception that the Model 1370 has been specifically engineered for the International market with the drive and routine maintenance components designed to meet International standards.

With thousands of units in service, UCC EXCEN-CRUSHER Clinker Grinders are the industry standard for utility and industrial power plants across the world. Through continuous design improvement, the UCC EXCEN-CRUSHER offers efficient operation, superior sealing and longer service life. Components are in-stock for immediate delivery to help minimize downtime.

  • Superior Construction for Longer, Reliable Service
    • Rugged and reusable fabricated steel body and cam support are built to last multiple service intervals
    • Carbon or stainless steel bodies with optional side liner (body armor) for added wear protection
    • 4-bolt DURITE® H (high chrome) cams are designed for severe-duty applications
    • Optional cast-in tungsten carbide cams available for the most extreme applications
    • Square profile teeth provide effective shearing and longer wear life
  • Optimal Sealing Performance
    • Superior performance of woven graphite packing in high-temperature, dry applications
    • Elastomer seal rings resist abrasion and wallowing in low-temperature, wet applications
    • Optional spring-loaded packing glands prevent leakage, minimize maintenance and increase reliability
  • Superior Seal Options
    • Fixed Bearing Style – UCC proven design includes elastomer deal rings in wet/low-temperature applications and woven graphite packing in dry/high temperature applications
    • Floating Seal Style – In wet applications the flexible diaphragm allows the packing gland to “ride along” with the shaft as it deflects, ensuring a tight and leak-free seal
  • Efficient Operation
    • Single roll cam design produces more crushing force than a double roll design while reducing initial cost, rebuild cost and power consumption
    • Gearmotor (15HP in the 54” version and 11 kW in Model 1370) is field proven to efficiently reduce the broadest range of friable materials
    • Solid state control panels provide automatic reversing and overload current protection (available for the 54" version)
    • Standard drive design with flex coupling and control panel maximizes crushing torque
  • Simple Installation and Maintenance
    • Optional roll-out feature cuts down on installation and maintenance time and effort
    • Compact design and industry standard inlet/outlet/overall dimensions allow easy retrofit
    • Replaceable, hardened stainless steel shaft sleeves save on shaft repair/replacement costs
    • Optional auto-lube controller eliminates day-to-day maintenance
    • UCC factory rebuilds and kits extend crusher life and increase return on investment

  1. What is an EXCEN-CRUSHER Clinker Grinder & what does it do?[+]
    “Clinker Grinders” are commonly used in the Coal Fired Power & Other industries to reduce the size of friable materials (bottom ash, economizer ash, etc) so that downstream handling systems can process the particles properly (without large particles causing problems/plugging the line). EXCEN-CRUSHER is the trade name for UCC’s line of clinker grinders. UCC designed the original EXCEN-Crusher clinker grinders (over 40 years ago) specifically for severe duty, abrasive ash crushing applications. Through continuous innovations and design improvements UCC’s EXCEN-CRUSHER clinker grinders remain the gold-standard for bottom ash size reduction.
  2. What information is needed to select the proper crusher?[+]

    Basic requirements should be determined before selecting an EXCEN-CRUSHER clinker grinder, including:

    - Type of process material that will be handled and at what temperature

    - Application for a wet or dry service

    - Capacity (throughput) required for normal and upset conditions

    - Input or Discharge Particle Size Requirements

  3. What sizes are available & how do I choose a crusher size?[+]

    Size selection is primarily determined by the required capacity (throughput), although other considerations may play a factor. UCC EXCEN-CRUSHER clinker grinders are available in the following standard (inlet) sizes:

    - 12”x12”

    - 18”x18”

    - 27”x20”

    - 33”x30”

    - 54”x43”

    - 1370 mm

    - 840 mm

    - 460 mm

  4. What styles are available & how do I choose a crusher style?[+]

    Within a given crusher size category, there are different styles available to best suit the customers application requirements. Each style maintains the standard inlet, discharge and flange-to-flange height dimensions.

    Fixed Seal Style: This standard seal design uses spring loaded packing glands and seal rings to prevent leakage in both wet or dry applications. UCC’s proven designs include elastomer seal rings in wet/low temp applications (better abrasion resistance and better seal by resisting wallowing) and woven graphite packing in dry/high temp applications.

    Floating Seal Style: For exceptional seal performance in wet/submerged applications, the optional floating seal design includes a flexible diaphragm which allows the packing gland to “ride along” with the shaft as it deflects so that the seal constantly remains concentric and leak-free. Basically, the floating seal compensates for the shaft deflection.

  5. What’s the life expectancy of a clinker grinder?[+]
    The service life of a clinker grinder depends on variables such as ash properties, water properties, maintenance schedule, frequency/duration of operation, and also the capacity (throughput tonnage) for the given application. UCC offers a full host of options to best meet customer performance requirements.
  6. How is the EXCEN-CRUSHER superior to other clinker grinders?[+]

    UCC designed EXCEN-CRUSHER clinker grinders specifically for superior performance in severe duty ash grinding applications. We offer our customers 40 years of clinker grinder design/operation experience, along with readily available quality components, and field support. UCC customers enjoy the most durable, reliable, and cost-effective clinker grinders.

    The end result is that UCC and its customers enjoy the most durable, reliable, and cost-effective (long-term) clinker reducers and one less component to worry about.

  7. How do I obtain additional information or pricing for EXCEN-CRUSHER clinker grinders?[+]
    Additional information can be obtained by contacting your local UCC Sales Representative.
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