Oil Ash System

United Conveyor Corporation designs and supplies pneumatic conveyor systems that reliably transports oil ash to its disposal point. With over 100 installations worldwide, the DEPAC® top discharge system is the industry leader for oil ash conveying.

Oil burning boilers produce a light weight, high carbon soot which precipitates to the pneumatic fly ash collection hoppers. This oil ash is free-flowing when hot but sticky when cool. The appropriate conveying method depends upon the collection point, the physical characteristics of the oil ash and the desired disposal location.

The crucial element in conveying oil ash from the fly ash collection hoppers is continuous conveying and elevated temperature maintenance. Heat tracing and insulating the collection hoppers conveyor piping keeps the ash hot. A continuously operating pneumatic conveyor using heated conveyor air keeps the ash moving and prevents build-up in the collection hoppers. If oil ash is conveyed to a storage bin, the bin must also be heat traced and insulated. Oil ash typically contains a high level of unburned carbon and, alternatively, can be re-injected into the furnace through either a dilute or dense phase pressure system.

DEPAC Oil Ash Pressure System:

  • Medium to Dense Phase conveying. The higher material to air ratio helps to maintain temperature and particle flow
  • Continuous, automatic operation (fill, pressurize, discharge, convey) to prevent ash buildup and agglomeration in hopper
  • Low energy consumption
  • Proven performance and reliability with over 400stallations worldwide.
  • DEPAC Oil Ash systems are designed to run continuously 24/7
  • Small diameter conveying pipe provides for easy routing and overall design flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance on silo roof compared with a vacuum system
  • Controlled low velocity conveying minimizing abrasion on tanks, valves and piping
  • Performance Specs:

    Max Distance: 5200 ft (1600 m)
    Maximum Capacity: 200 TPH
    Mass Ratio ash : air: 25-60
    Air Velocity: 900 – 2700 ft/min (5-15 m/sec)
    Maximum Conveyor Line Pressure: 60 psi (415 kPa)
    Maximum Prime Over Pressure: 100 psi (690 kPa)

    1. What is the maximum conveying distance for a DEPAC Oil Ash system?[+]
      The maximum conveying distance for DEPAC is 5200 ft (1600 meters)
    2. What is the maximum conveying capacity for DEPAC Oil Ash system?[+]

      The maximum conveying capacity for DEPAC is 200 TPH

    3. What is the material ratio for DEPAC Oil Ash system?[+]

      The material ratio for DEPAC is 25-60 Ash: Air

    4. What is the maximum conveyor line pressure?[+]

      The maximum conveyor line pressure for DEPAC Oil Ash system is 60 psi (415 kPa)

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