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    CHP Energy Solutions

    CHP Systems & Services

    CHP solutions for industrial, commercial and agriculture applications.

  • Systems

    ACI Homepage

    Activated Carbon Injection

    Leading Technology for Mercury (Hg) Mitigation
  • Wet-To-Dry Conversion


    EPA Compliant Solutions

    Broadest Portfolio of Ash Handling Technology and Systems

  • Dry Sorbent Injection

    VIPER Mill Home Page Photo

    VIPERâ„¢ Mill Technology

    Reduce your Sorbent Usage by 50% with VIPER Mill Technology
  • Products & Parts

    130DB Homepage

    130DB Knife Gate Valve

    Engineered to Provide On/Off Pipe Isolation Service in High Pressure Pneumatic Conveying Applications

  • Systems

    DSI Home Page Demo

    Dry Sorbent Injection

    Technology Leader for SO2, SO3, Mercury and Acid Gas Removal

  • Dry Bottom Ash Handling

    CDR Feature

    Conversion Technology

    Advantage for Dry Bottom Ash Handling
  • Products & Parts

    DIV AD Box

    DEPAC Inlet Valve

    Designed for vessel isolation in high pressure pneumatic conveying applications
  • Products & Parts

    Numaflex Feature

    NUMAFLEX Fittings

    Prevents material build-up and blockage in the pneumatic conveying of dry scrubber ash
  • Vibratory Technology


    Next Generation Dry Bottom Ash Technology

    Unique Vibrating Fluidized Bed for Maximum Heat Recovery
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