On-Site ACI Trials

Full-scale, on-site trials are used to validate the plant’s compliance strategy and optimize the overall performance of the ACI system. Compliance decisions require experienced planning, execution and professional reporting of demonstration tests.
Every boiler unit is unique and emissions are influenced by coal type, combustion conditions, duct work, temperature and other APC equipment. During the on-site trial, modifications can be made to the injection grid, sorbent combinations and injection rates to maximize emissions removal. The ability to devise a meaningful, customized test plan and efficiently confirm emissions compliance is heavily influenced by prior experience. UCC test experience includes a strong technical understanding of Hg, SO2, SO3, and HCI removal and any multi-pollutant combination.
Our mobile fleet incorporates the latest injection technology and is fully automated to generate reliable, high quality data. This unique capability provides the answers our customers need to make critical compliance decisions.


Our ACI systems incorporate the latest technology and can be installed and operated with minimal disruption to the plant.

• The industry’s most experienced field engineers are on-site for supervision, operation and troubleshooting.

• ACI process engineers are on-site to provide real-time data evaluation, consultation, and test plan adjustments as required to achieve best results.

Data Evaluation and Reporting

The ACI process engineer consolidates and evaluates all the raw data from the trial.

• Removal rates are compared to a database of previous site testing to confirm performance and improve results.

• UCC personnel are a continuous resource during plant/fleet emission control strategy evaluation and decision making.

For more information on the M-PACT™, please contact your local UCC Representative.

  1. How much lead time is required to conduct a properly executed test?[+]
    Generally, UCC requests six week before the start of the test to develop a test plan with the customer, order materials, and prepare the equipment.
DSI System

United Conveyor Corporation leads the industry in performance-based turnkey solutions for dry sorbent injection at utility and industrial boilers. Dry Sorbent Injection is an economical and effective technology that injects selected sorbents into the flue gas to control SO2, SO3, mercury and acid gases.