Continuous Dewatering and Recirculation System

The new Continuous Dewatering and Recirculation (CDR) System is the latest innovation solution from United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) designed to meet both customer requirements and environmental demands. The CDR System eliminates the ash pond, requires minimal outage time and significantly reduces wastewater from the plant's water balance.

The CDR System represents a major technical advancement in bottom ash conveying by combining the benefits of a traditional recirculation system with the proven dewatering technology of a Submerged Flight Conveyor (SFC). The CDR System is ideal for plants that currently have sluice conveying for bottom ash, economizer ash and mill rejects/pyrites, and are looking to avoid the costly and extended outage time typically associated with other system installations. In addition to a simple and fast conversion, the CDR System greatly minimizes numerous operational and maintenance concerns prevalent in traditional dewatering technologies.

The CDR System ties into the existing sluice conveying lines, diverting slurry discharge to a remote conveyor located outside of the boiler house. The conveyor, or remote SFC, is highly engineered to combine the necessary functions of ash dewatering, particulate settling and surge capacity into a single unit, making it a very cost-effective solution.

• Closed-Loop Recirculation System

- Eliminates bottom ash sluice water as a wastewater stream

- Accepts ash sluice lines from multiple units

- Reduces water consumption through recirculation

- Zero liquid discharge

• No Changes Required Beneath the Boiler

- Existing equipment remains in service

• No Outage Time Required

- Piping and control system tie-ins can be completed while online• Continuous Dewatering and Discharge of Ash

- Eliminates dewatering bins and storage ponds

- Dewaters ash to moisture levels suitable for landfill disposal or beneficial use

• Proven and Reliable Technology

- Extensive SFC reference installations around the globe

- Simple, robust design assures dependable operation

- Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System

• Constructed for Durability

- New equipment has been robustly engineered for challenging utility operations

- Proven component design for reduced maintenance

  1. Can the CDR system accept slurry discharge from more than one unit?[+]
    Yes. The CDR system installation requires no modificaiton to existing ash handling equipment beneath the boiler and can accpet slurry discharge from one or more operationg units.