Ceramic Fittings

United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) Single-Piece Ceramic Fittings are designed for extended service life in high wear pneumatic fly ash, bottom ash, bed ash and mill reject conveying applications. In most applications, UCC DURITE® fittings provide excellent wear resistance. However, ceramic-lined fittings offer superior wear performance in severe duty applications. The UCC single-piece ceramic design eliminates potential erosion and failure points caused by manual assembly of tiled ceramic fittings, thereby reducing maintenance and lower lifecycle cost.


■ Lining Material: Single-Piece, Silicon Carbide Ceramic

■ Body Material: Carbon Steel

■ Centerline Radius: 30"

■ Wall Thickness: ¾"

■ Pipe Ends: 150# ANSI Flange Bolt Circle

■ 45° and 90° Elbows

■ Standard UCC Parts Warranty


Superior Performance

› Ceramic liner offers superior wear resistance over DURITE fittings in severe applications

› Single-piece ceramic liner eliminates potential erosion and wear points between fitted tiles

Simple and Fast Installation

› Drop-in replacement with industry standard 150# ANSI inlet and outlet flanges

› Welded web reinforcement with added lifting points for easy lifting and handling

Innovative Design Extends Service Life

› Strict assembly tolerances provide smooth, flat flange surfaces for superior gasket sealing

› Carbide epoxy finish protects the adhesive between ceramic liner and metal casing for extended service life

  1. Is the ceramic liner replacable?[+]
    No, the cermic liner cannot be replaced.
  2. What is the expected lead time for elbows not in stock?[+]
    UCC can supply a ceramic elbow in 6-8 weeks if it is not readily available.
Special Design ConsiderationsSpecial Design Considerations