Ceramic Lined Fly Ash Diffuser Feeder (FAD)

The United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) Ceramic-Lined Fly Ash Diffuser Feeder (FAD) is designed to provide extended service life in high capacity / high wear pneumatic conveying applications. This single-piece, ceramic-lined feeder offers superior performance, lower lifecycle cost, and reduced maintenace in severe duty applications compared with DURITE® or ceramic-tiled constructions.

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■ Body Material: Gray Iron

■ Lining Material: Single-Piece, Silicon Carbide Ceramic

■ Valve Opening: 90°, Full Quarter Turn


Longer Service Life

› Single piece, mechanically secured, silicon carbide ceramic liner eliminates grout/adhesive failures

› 90° valve opening reduces wear damage

› DURITE or optional tungsten carbide disc and seat provide superior wear resistance

› Greased sleeve bearing for greater load capacity and improved shaft support

› Cylinder bracket redesigned for more reliable support

Superior Sealing Performance

› Spring loaded packing design maintains consistent seal pressure during operation, preventing leakage and extending service life

› Larger actuator provides greater force to seal and open against pressure

› Redesigned seals and bearings provide a simplified seal over roller bearing designs

Simple and Fast Installation

› Drop-in replacement with standard UCC FAD for easy performance upgrade

Reduced Maintenance

Enlarged cover and opening for easy access to seat and disc

  1. Will the Ceramic Lined FAD fit in place of my existing diffuser feeders?[+]

    Yes, it is a direct fit for older FAD’s using the same connections.

  2. Why is the Ceramic Lined FAD better than alternative ceramic lined options?[+]

    The single piece, mechanically retained ceramic liner is user replaceable and does not depend on epoxy or grout which have temperature limitations and are not field serviceable.

  3. Do I need a new actuator and solenoid air valve with the SiC Lined FAD?[+]

    That will depend on the existing solenoid air valve. A 4” air cylinder is now the standard actuator. It has a longer stroke than previous 4” cylinders due to the increased disc actuation. If the existing solenoid air valve is a ½”, 4-way valve, it can be reused.