UCC connections are primarily used to mechanical fasten NUVALOY and DURITE pipe used in UCC transport systems. Connections can include locking or non-locking flange clamps.

  • Designed to mate perfectly with UCC gaskets
  • In stock and available for immediate delivery
  • Bevel(DURITE)
  • 150# ANSI
  • 300# ANSI
  • Plain End (NUVALOY)
  • 40D Knifegates
  • 150W Knifegates
  • Square
  • Tapped Holes

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.
  1. What is included in a connection kit?[+]

    A connection kit consists of all necessary hardware, clamps, flanges, and gaskets to complete a connection.

  2. What is the lead time for a connection kit?[+]
    Our warehouse is fully stocked with connection kits for our customer's convenience and immediate delivery.
NUVA FEEDER Dilute Phase Pressure System

The NUVA FEEDER® pressure system is optimal where conveying capacity requirements exceed the limits of a vacuum system. 

MultiDAC Dense Phase Pressure System

The MultiDAC™ system is intended primarily for short conveying distances.  Learn more about our MultiDAC Pressure System.


DEPAC Dense Phase Pressure System

DEPAC® is a dense phase system for conveying large quantity of material at low velocity over very long distances. 


Vacuum Systems

The NUVEYOR® Vacuum System is an industry standard for efficient, reliable ash removal and is capable of conveying up to 80 TPH and distances of 1500 ft (450m).


Ideal for converting wet sluice systems into a “dry” ash system without change to the existing bottom ash hoppers.


Pneumatic Systems

UCC pioneered the first dry bottom ash system using pneumatic technology in 1920. The PAX Pneumatic Ash Extractor added new technology to this time-proven vacuum system design and offers many benefits over wet bottom ash systems.

Silo Unloading

United Conveyor Corporation Silo Unloading systems are designed to store and unload ash efficiently and cost effectively with the capability of transferring ash in either a dry or damp condition to trucks or rail cars.