DEPAC Dense Phase Pressure System

The DEPAC® system is a dense phase positive pressure pneumatic conveyor that can transport a large quantity of material over very long distances. The DEPAC system from United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) is a fully automatic system designed for continuous evacuation of ash from collection hoppers or transfer tanks. The automated control system maintains a constant mass flow of conveying air in the pipeline, which prevents plugging while minimizing abrasion, power consumption and maintenance costs.

With over 400 systems installed worldwide, the DEPAC system has proven successful in a number of applications, including coal and oil-fired power boilers, biomass and other industrial applications.

DEPAC Pressure System:

The DEPAC dense phase ash conveying system has proven itself in abrasive applications for decades. UCC technical expertise and innovative pneumatic technology offers customers optimal solutions for their specific application.

  • Long-Distance Conveying - The system can exceed 7,200 ft (2,200 m) of uninterrupted distance with vertical lifts of 164 ft (50 m), thus minimizing the need for intermediate transfer stations.
  • Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs - Controlled low velocity conveying minimizes abrasive wear and reduces power consumption.
  • Material Conveying Flexibility - The DEPAC system offers a top discharge arrangement for material that is easier to fluidize and a bottom discharge arrangement for coarse material that is difficult to fluidize.

Performance Specs:

Max Distance: 7,200 ft. (2,200 m)
Maximum Capacity: 250 TPH (227 MTPH)
Mass Ratio ash : air: 25-100:1
Air Velocity: 600 – 1,000 ft/min (3-5 m/sec)
Maximum Conveyor Line Pressure: 60 psi (414 kPa)
Maximum Prime Over Pressure: 100 psi (690 kPa)

  1. What is the maximum conveying distance for a DEPAC system?[+]
    The maximum conveying distance for DEPAC is 7,200 ft (2,200 meters)
  2. What is the maximum conveying capacity for DEPAC?[+]
    The maximum conveying capacity for DEPAC is 250 TPH (227 mTPH)
  3. What is the maximum conveyor line pressure?[+]
    The maximum conveyor line pressure for DEPAC is 60 psi (414 kPa)
  4. When would you use a bottom exit vs. top exit DEPAC system?[+]
    A bottom exit DEPAC system would be most appropriate where there coarse material or material that does not fluidize well presents itself.
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