DURITE® is an abrasion resistant, low chromium cast iron (modified ASTM A532) with a nominal hardness of 400 BHN. DURITE fittings are the primary option used in all pneumatic and hydraulic systems conveying abrasive materials. DURITE pipe spools are used in straight piping routes for high wear locations.

  • Abrasion resistant for a variety of ash handling applications
  • DURITE C - 400 BHN standard in most applications
  • DURITE H - 600 BHN option in highly abrasive applications
  • Beveled End allows for positive clamping and assured connection
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  1. Does UCC recommend to cut DURITE?[+]
    No, UCC does not recommend cutting cast components due to materials of construction and connection mechanisms.
  2. What is the maximum length of a DURITE spool piece? [+]
    The maximum length of a DURITE spool piece is 6 feet.
  3. Where is DURITE commonly used? [+]

    DURITE wear sections are used downstream of change in direction for improved abrasion resistance in highly turbulent areas.

  4. Can DURITE be welded?[+]

    No, welding will cause cracking/annealing of DURITE piece.

  5. What is the average service life for a straight run of DURITE?[+]

    250,000 tons of ash, provided the pipe is rotated twice from its original position to equalize wear(120° per rotation).

  6. Is special handling required for DURITE?[+]

    Due to the high hardness of DURITE it is a brittle material and requires special handling.

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