Fly Ash Diffusers

Fly Ash Diffuser Feeders (FAD’s) are a swing style valve designed to provide positive shutoff and consistent ash flow in both vacuum and pressure conveying applications. The diffuser stone on the inlet side of the valve maintains ash stored above the valve in a fluidized state for consistent, high flow discharge when the valve is opened. This quality of discharge allows for ideal feeding of ash into the pneumatic conveying system to maximize the system capacity and reliability.

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  • A durable, high quality stone diffuser provides consistent fluidizing of the material entering the valve or stored above the inlet.
  • A sharp-edged seat, swing style valve provides positive leak-free shutoff of material flow for a variety of ash types. The sharp seat prevents material buildup on the sealing surface that could prevent positive closure. The UCC Pivot Ball disc design accommodates different materials, operating conditions and maintenance techniques to allow the valve to self-correct disc to seat misalignment and prevent leakage.
  • Standard high chrome DURITE® H and optional Tungsten Carbide seat and disc provide for long, trouble free valve wear life

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  1. Can I replace the internal components without removing the valve from service? [+]
    Both the diffuser stone and valve seat and disc can be replaced through the two access covers as long as the valve is isolated from the boiler (e.g. by a manual isolation gate).
  2. How long do the wear components last before replacing? [+]

    Some applications are more aggressive than others, but with a Tungsten Carbide seat and disc option, wear component life is typically 2-4 years.

MultiDAC Dense Phase Pressure System

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Vacuum Systems

The NUVEYOR® Vacuum System is an industry standard for efficient, reliable ash removal and is capable of conveying up to 80 TPH and distances of 1500 ft (450m).

Vacuum-Pressure Transfer System

UCC's Vacuum/Pressure Transfer systems combine the simplicity and lower headroom requirements of a vacuum system under the hoppers with the high capacity and long distance conveying capability of a positive pressure system.