UCC HYDROVEYOR Exhausters use high pressure water to generate high vacuum, high volume conveying air flows. With no moving parts, they are the most reliable, longest lasting exhauster option available. High wear life DURITE components provide cost effective, highly wear resistant assemblies. With no tight tolerances to maintain, HYDROVEYOR Exhausters are tolerant of dust carryover for older style separating equipment designs.

  • DURITE components provide long wear life for a low overall service cost.
  • Available tungsten carbide lined nozzles resist wear from particle laden water supplies.
  • Available Teflon lined inlet boots prevent buildup due to sticky ash types.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.
  1. Is there an automated means of cleaning material plugging from a HYDROVEYOR? [+]

    A pneumatic cylinder operated cleaning ram is available to clean the bore of the HYDROVEYOR between conveying cycles.

  2. Are there longer wearing material options available? [+]

    Silicon Carbide ceramic lined combining tubes are available for all sizes, with and without access ports

  3. Are there nozzle options available for handling corrosive water supplies?[+]

    More corrosion resistant stainless steels and other more exotic alloys are available.

Vacuum Systems

The NUVEYOR® Vacuum System is an industry standard for efficient, reliable ash removal and is capable of conveying up to 80 TPH and distances of 1500 ft (450m).

Vacuum-Pressure Transfer System

UCC's Vacuum/Pressure Transfer systems combine the simplicity and lower headroom requirements of a vacuum system under the hoppers with the high capacity and long distance conveying capability of a positive pressure system.