Inlet Tee with SHELF Technology

The United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) patented Inlet Tee with SHELF™ Technology prevents line plugging and increases conveying capacity in bed ash and other applications conveying "hard to fluidize" material. A plate in the tee acts as a shelf to control material dropped into the conveying line from the feeder above. Air flow is reduced on top of the shelf due to the presence of material and hence more air flows underneath the shelf, raising the material pickup velocity. The result is smooth conveying with a reduction in pressure spikes and lower energy consumption.

■ Prevents Line Pluggage

› Shelf prevents a straight drop of material to the bottom of the tee

› Shelf allows material to enter the airstream without plugging under the feeder

■ Lower Energy Consumption and Higher Capacity

› Reduction in pressure spikes reduces energy consumption

■ Durable Shelf Construction

› Steel tee with full-length weld on shelf is used for mildly abrasive materials which provides extra stability and increased wear life

› DURITETM tee with AR 400 shelf is used for abrasive materials offering high resistance against abrasion and wear impact for longer service life

■ Simple Installation

› Drop-in replacement for existing inlet tee

  1. Are any modifications to existing equipment required?[+]
    No. The UCC Inlet Tee with SHELF Technology is a drop in replacement for any existing tee.