The M-PACT™ is a compact, modular unit designed by Albemarle to provide cost-effective PAC (powder activation carbon) utilization. Its stand-alone design is equipped with on-board PAC storage that incorporates both the metering and conveyance operations of ACI into a skid configuration. A six door configuration allows for easy and safe access to its equipment and instrumentation. The M-PACT is programmed to receive sorbent in a number of ways including gravity feed from local silos, bulk bags or pneumatically from remote tanks or silos. Its small footprint allows for installation on existing slabs or platforms and in areas where headroom is restricted.

M-PACT is a registered trademark of Albemarle Corporation.

The M-PACT can be used alone or in conjunction with storage silos. Its storage bin holds nominally 4,000 pounds of sorbent, therefore the refill requirements are low. It is equipped with either a single feed train (feeder and pneumatic conveying system) or multiple independent feed trains that can be used to provide 100% redundancy or independently to feed sorbent to different locations. The single feed train configuration is generally provided with a redundant conveyance blower.

A programmable logic controller (PLC) allows the bin to be refilled from silos, bulk trailers, and bulk-bags via gravity feed or pneumatic conveying. High-quality gravimetric feeders are used to provide unparalleled PAC metering accuracy. The nominal maximum feed rate per feeder is 500 lb/hr with a 10:1 turndown ratio.

This unit is fully functional upon leaving the factory, as it is equipped with pressure transmitters on the eductors, weight decks on the feeders, feeder hopper Hi Hi Level switches, a bin level transmitter, bin level switch, bin pressure switch and automatic actuated valves for storage bin and feeder hopper refill. Field installation requires only one power feed, one plant airline and a connection to conveyance piping. The M-PACT’s standardized design and turn-key approach allows for fast delivery and installation.

For more information on the M-PACT™, please contact your local UCC Representative.

  1. What is the weight of an M-PACT skid?[+]
    Approximately 11,000 lbs.
  2. How can the M-PACT be filled?[+]
    The M-PACT can be filled with a powder pump and wand from a bulk bag, from a bulk bag unloader, a silo via gravity feed, or pneumatically from a distant silo. The built-in hopper provides the flexibility in the filling.
  3. What are the utility requirements?[+]
    The M-PACT requires 20 cfm of intermittent instrument air and one 480V/3ph power feed. The power feed size varies based on exact requirements.
  4. What are the control options?[+]
    The M-PACT is controlled by a built-in PLC that is prewired and tested before arrival on site. The PLC can communicate with the plant DCS if required. A DCS controlled M-PACT can be provided.
DSI System

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