MultiDAC Dense Phase Pressure System

The MultiDAC™ system is intended primarily for short conveying distances (1500ft/450m) and requires little headroom below the collection hoppers. In a MultiDAC pressure system, several feeder units in a conveying line fill simultaneously before the line is pressurized. This system operates on a simple three-phase cycle: (1) material fills the line and the gate above the feeder closes; (2) the line is pressurized and the material is conveyed; (3) the line is purged and the cycle repeats.

The MultiDAC pressure system is designed to reduce both capital and operating costs for short distance conveying. The MultiDAC feeder has only one valve per hopper and its low conveying velocity reduces power consumption while minimizing pipe and elbow wear. With over 50 installations worldwide, the MultiDAC system is ideal for many short distance applications.

MultiDAC Pressure System:

  • Medium phase to dense phase conveying
  • Low headroom requirement also allowing for easy maintenance
  • Low capital and maintenance costs due to one valve per hopper and a small diameter carbon steel conveying line
  • Low operating cost from less component wear and power consumption due to the low conveying velocity of the system, especially when conveying materials with more than 50% silica and alumina. Channel back elbows are installed with the line changes direction for increased wear resistance.
  • Constant air mass flow provides stable system operation and reduced wear during purge cycles
  • No outlet gates required on the transfer vessel
  • Feeder size is calculated to minimize material hang-up and provide optimal flow into the conveying line
  • No ash/air separation equipment on silo reduces maintenance cost

Performance Specs:

Max Distance: 1500 ft (450 m)
Maximum Capacity: 130 TPH
Mass Ratio ash : air: 25-60
Air Velocity: 900 – 2700 ft/min (5-15 m/sec)
Maximum Conveyor Line Pressure: 20 – 60 psi (140 – 415 kPa)
Maximum Prime Over Pressure: 100 psi (690 kPa)

  1. When is the MultiDAC system most appropriate?[+]

    MultiDAC is appropriate where shorter distance, dense phase applications require lower headroom.

  2. What are some advantage of a MultiDAC system?[+]
    MultiDAC requires less headroom and less number of valves per vessel which decreases overall capital costs.
  3. What is the maximum conveying distance for a MultiDAC system?[+]
    Maximum conveying distance would be 1500 ft (450 meters)
  4. What is the maximum conveying capacity? [+]
    The maximum conveying capacity for a MultiDAC system is 130 TPH
  5. What is the material ratio for the MultiDAC system?[+]
    The material ratio for MultiDAC is 25-60 Ash: Air
  6. What is the maximum conveyor line pressure?[+]
    The maximum conveyor line pressure for MultiDAC is 60 psi (415 kPa)
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