NUVA FEEDER Dilute Phase Pressure System

The NUVA FEEDER® dilute phase pressure system is optimal where conveying capacity requirements exceed the limits of a vacuum system. The NUVA FEEDER pressure system is capable of conveying up to 175 TPH and distances of 8,000 ft (2,400 m). With over 1,000 installations worldwide, the NUVA FEEDER pressure system is an industry standard for performance and reliability.

The overall system is comprised of multiple feeders that transfer ash to the conveying line and operates at relatively low pressures (up to 40 psi / 275 kPa). In a NUVA FEEDER pressure system, the feeders are controlled to keep the conveying line filled for longer periods, resulting in high conveying efficiency and lower operating costs. A positive displacement or centrifugal blower furnishes the conveying air to move ash to the storage bin under positive pressure. Full load control maintains pressure in the line until all hoppers in the row are empty. When pressure drops to the no load setting, the system moves to the next row. A bin vent filter is generally used to clean the vented air.

NUVA FEEDER Pressure System:

  • Dilute to medium phase conveying
  • Long distance conveying without the need for a transfer vessel
  • Capable of high capacity conveying
  • Control system keeps the conveying line filled for longer periods, resulting in high conveying efficiency and lower operating costs
  • Low sensitivity to ash characteristics; capable of conveying larger and more dense particles
  • Proven ability to handle economizer ash
  • Ability to stop and restart system operation without plugging due to moderate ash-to-air ratios
  • Full load control prevents line plugging
  • The use of a bin vent filter reduces maintenance on silo roof
  • Highly stable condition with no pressure surges
  • Ideal for high altitude applications where vacuum systems are not effective

Performance Specs:

Max Distance: 8000 ft (2400 m)
Maximum Capacity: 175 TPH
Mass Ratio ash : air: 5-22
Air Velocity: 2400 – 4800 ft/min (12-25 m/sec)
Maximum Conveyor Line Pressure: 40 psi (275 kPa)
Maximum Prime Over Pressure: 45 psi (300 kPa)

  1. When would a NUVA FEEDER system be the most appropriate application? [+]
    When you have a long distance, high capacity need.
  2. What is the maximum distance a NUVA FEEDER system can convey? [+]
    The maximum distance that a NUVA FEEDER system can convey is up to 8000 ft (2400 meters)
  3. What is the maximum capacity and material ratio for a NUVA FEEDER system? [+]
    The maximum capacity for a NUVA FEEDER system is 175 TPH and the material ratio is 5-22 Ash: Air.
  4. How much headroom is required to accommodate a NUVA FEEDER system?[+]
    The capacity of the system and density of ash will determine the number of feeders on a branch line.
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