NUVEYOR Dilute Phase Vacuum System

The NUVEYOR® Vacuum System is an industry standard for efficient, reliable ash removal and is capable of conveying up to 80 TPH and distances of 1500 ft (450m). With over 1,500 systems installed worldwide, the NUVEYOR vacuum system offers many advantages compared with positive pressure systems. The NUVEYOR system requires the least headroom of any pneumatic system which reduces the construction cost of baghouse or precipitator. There is only one pneumatic valve at each hopper which minimizes installation, maintenance and replacement costs. The negative pressure results in no line pluggage, a cleaner environment, and the ability to stop and restart the system automatically.

The NUVEYOR Vacuum System is comprised of a mechanical or HYDROVEYOR exhauster, spring loaded air intake valves, ash intake valves providing a transition from the hopper to the conveyor line, 40D knife gates for branch line isolation, abrasion-resistant fittings, filter/separator equipment to remove ash from the conveying air and a storage bin. During operation, full load control maintains vacuum in the line until each row of hoppers is empty. When the vacuum falls to the no load setting, the system moves to the next row.

NUVEYOR Vacuum System:

  • Ability to stop and restart due to low ash-to-air ratios
  • Low headroom requirements below the fly ash collection hoppers
  • Capable of handling a wide range of ash types
  • Full load/no load control allow system to achieve rated capacity more efficiently
  • Wear sections follow each change in pipeline direction
  • Low maintenance at precipitator and economizer areas
  • Single pneumatic valve under each hopper
  • Single air intake per row
  • One I/O per hopper valve
  • No plugging
  • Proven temperature tolerant design for large particle economizer ash

Performance Specs:

Max Distance: 1500 ft (450 m)
Maximum Capacity: 80 TPH
Mass Ratio ash : air: 5-22
Air Velocity: 3000 – 5200 ft/min (16-27 m/sec)
Maximum Conveyor Line Pressure: 20 in Hg (530 mm Hg)
Maximum Prime Over Pressure: 22 in Hg (560 mm Hg)

  1. When the valve begins to wear, is it necessary to replace the whole valve or just the seat? [+]
    With a traditional valve, the answer would most likely be yes, the whole valve would need to be replaced. With a sharp seated valve, the answer would most likely be no
  2. Is it worth upgrading to a sharp seated valve? [+]
    A sharp seated valve will provide more positive shut off and better sealing. They are less likely to leak.
  3. Can I put a knife gate in the conveying line in place of a TERS gate[+]

    Yes. UCC’s 40D knife gate is specifically designed for dry pneumatic ash systems.

  4. What is the maximum conveying distance for NUVEYOR Vacuum System?[+]
    The maximum conveying distance for NUVEYOR Vacuum System is 1500 ft (450 meters)
  5. What is the maximum conveying capacity for NUVEYOR Vacuum System?[+]
    The maximum conveying capacity for NUVEYOR Vacuum System is 80 TPH
  6. What is the maximum material ratio?[+]
    The material ratio for NUVEYOR is 5-22 Ash: Air
  7. What is the maximum conveyor line pressure for NUVEYOR Vacuum System?[+]
    The maximum conveyor line pressure for NUVEYOR Vacuum System is 20 inches Hg (530 mm Hg)
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