Pin-Paddle Mixer Unloaders

UCC Pin-Paddle Mixer/Unloaders in silo unloading applications, have been designed for the conditioning of high-calcium ash such as Powder River Basin (PRB) coal ash, and Dry Scrubber ash, thus reducing the cement-like buildup in the unloader. Frequent and intensive maintenance caused by buildup is eliminated between each load. This reduces power consumption and increases unloader throughput capacity.

  • Prevents high-calcium material buildup
    • Cleaning chains are offered as a retro-kit or as an optional feature on 4050 and 6050 mixer/unloaders
    • Interlacing pins prevents excessive ash build-up from occurring on the shaft and components
  • Higher throughput capacity and performance
    • Optional cleaning chains improve mixer/unloader throughput by up to 100%
    • Less buildup significantly lowers start-up current requirement which minimizes wear and tear and extends the machine life
  • Uniform conditioning of materials
    • Fast, counter-rotating shafts lift material and increase the exposed surface are for optimal wetting and mixing
    • Turbulent mixing action to combine material thoroughly without excess water
    • Nozzles located at highest point of the cover to allow precise water control during startup, mixing and shut down
    • Pin paddles push material forward through the unloader
    • Optional washout headers are available on 4050 and 6050 mixer/unloaders
  • Low maintenance design
    • Multiple access doors in cover allows ease of maintenance and inspection
    • No metal to metal contact, no lubrication required
    • UHMW coating on shaft, pins and mixing chamber aids in cleanup of the mixer as ash is easily dislodged from these parts (model no. 12540)
    • Pins have wear-resistant 600 BHN DURITE H caps; paddles are 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance (mode no's. 6050, 4050, 2560)
    • Toothed drive belt is used for smooth, quiet, low-maintenance power transmission without the need for lubrication
    • Even distribution of power between shafts minimizes shaft stress and deflection
  • Easy access
    • Tent top cover maximizes access space and minimized buildup
    • Large door over discharge allows easy monitoring of ash/water mixture
  1. What materials are a Pin-Paddle Mixer/Unloader designed to handle?[+]
    A Pin-Paddle Mixer/Unloader is designed to handle high-calcium ash, dry scrubber product or any combination of the two. It also has the ability to properly condition low-calcium ash in order to accomodate a fuel switch in the future.
  2. How much maintenance is required when conditioning high-calcium material?[+]
    Conditioning high-calcium materials requires more frequent maintenance. Typically cleaning is required at least once per day.
Silo Unloading

United Conveyor Corporation Silo Unloading systems are designed to store and unload ash efficiently and cost effectively with the capability of transferring ash in either a dry or damp condition to trucks or rail cars.