Recirculation Systems

The closed-loop Recirculation System converts a wet sluice system into a “dry” ash system without change to the existing bottom ash hoppers. This system reuses the conveying water and only requires a small amount of make-up water. A complete recirculation system replaces the ash pond with dewatering bins which separates the water and ash, a clarifying (settling) tank and surge (storage) tank. The ash is unloaded from the dewatering bins into transport vehicles for disposal. The recirculation system is ideal when water supplies are available and minimal outage time is required to make the conversion.

Recirculation Systems:

  • Allows zero discharge of water into the environment
  • Minimal system make up water usage
  • Shortest outage time for converting existing sluice system
  • Easily incorporates mill rejects
  • Conveying rates up to: 150 TPH
  • Conveying distances up to: 12 mi (20 km)
  1. When is a recirculation system most appropriate?[+]
    A recirculation system is appropriate when water supplies are available, high conveying capacities are required and minimal outage time is needed for conversion.
  2. What is the yard footprint for a recirculation system?[+]
    6500 sq.ft (604 sq. meters)
  3. Does UCC offer a better door or gate on the bottom ash hopper discharge? [+]
    Yes. Similar to the UCC Sluice system, the Low Leak Sluice Gate (LLSG) uses three wedges to provide superior sealing.
  4. How can we reduce dewatering time and moisture content of ash? [+]
    By adding a lower cone dewatering element and center dewatering element for faster, more efficient dewatering.
  5. What can I do to reduce the chance of freezing in the discharge of the dewatering bin? [+]
    A discharge gate heater is mounted on the bottom of the bin cone preventing freezing.
  6. What is the outage requirement for a recirculation system?[+]
    Typical outage requirement for a recirculation system is 2-3 days.
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