UCC Sheardisk valves were designed to for on/off service in venting and conveying lines on high pressure pneumatic conveying applications. The design is rugged and clean operating. The Sheardisk valve has metal to metal sealing to reduce wear in venting and discharge applications. The internal linkage drives the two spring loaded disks against the lapped body endplates. The disks move along a unique path and rotates with each stoke of the air cylinder which distributes the wear evenly and extends the life of the disks and endplates. UCC Sheardisk valve can be shipped pre-piped and fully assembled with a variety of limit switches and solenoid valves which reduces field assembly and installation costs.

  • Unique Internal Linkage – Extends life of disk by distributing the wear uniformly around its circumference.
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Disc and Seat – Excellent corrosion and long service life
  • Lapped Body End Plates and Spring Loaded Disks – Allow disks to slide on body end plates which minimizes buildup and extends life
  • Removable and Greaseable Packing Arrangement – Easy to maintain and extend bearing life
  • Pressurizing Body Kits – Pressurizes the body with conveying air which improves sealing in venting applications and prevents material from accumulating in the body in conveying line applications.
  • Valves are shipped pre-piped and fully assembled – reduced installation costs
  • Limit Switches – Roller lever type and proximity are available and brackets are pre-drilled for easy installation of limit switches.
  • Solenoids – Normally closed or open, voltage, manual operators, temperature rating and manufacturer
  • Pre-piping – Brass fittings with rubber hose, Swagelok stainless steel fittings and Swagelok stainless steel hoses, Swagelok stainless steel fittings and Swagelok rubber hoses

General Information:

Line Size: 3", 4", 6", 8" and 12"
Maximum Pressure: 100 PSIG
Maximum Temperature: up to 300 °F
Flange Connections: ANSI B16.5, Class 125/150 for all line sizes
DIN 2576, PN10 for 3” and 8” line sizes

Material of Construction:

Body: Carbon Steel Pipe or Cast Ductile Iron (depends on line size)
Body End Plates: Carbon Steel Pipe or Cast Ductile Iron (depends on line size)
Disc: 440C Stainless Steel
Seat: 440C Stainless Steel
Shaft: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Bearing: Cast Bronze
Packing: Polyimide and PTFE yarns Impregnated with PTFE

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.
  1. Can the Sheardisk valve be installed in conveying lines that have bi-direction flow? [+]
  2. Can the Sheardisk valve be installed in horizontal, vertical and inclined conveying lines[+]

    Yes. See the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions Manual for the preferred installation orientation of the valve.

  3. What is the minimum air pressure required to actuate the air cylinder on these valves[+]

    The operating range for the air cylinder is 80-100 PSI.

  4. What accessories can be ordered on these valves? [+]
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