The United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) TITAN™ HP swing disc valve is designed specifically for vessel isolation service in high pressure, dense phase pneumatic conveying applications. The TITAN HP valve utilizes proven UCC swing-disc technology and is a superior, drop-in replacement to rubber seat valves found in non-UCC systems.

The TITAN HP valve incorporates metal-to-metal seating for extended service life and reduced maintenance/rebuilds in abrasive ash handling applications. The large access port allows inspection and maintenance without removing the valve from service, saving time and money. The valve is fully assembled and can be shipped pre-piped to reduce field assembly and installation costs.

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Valve Size: DN200

Inlet Connection Sizes: DN200, DN250, 8" ANSI

Maximum Operating Pressure: 8 bar

Maximum Operating Temperature: 200 °C

Body Construction: Ductile Iron

Access Port Size: 115 mm x 285 mm


Superior Sealing Performance

› Self-adjusting, spring-mounted ball pivot with machined flat disc provides reliable sealing performance

› Packing design maintains pressure during operation, preventing leakage and extending the life of the shaft and bearing

Longer Service Life

› DURITE® E high chrome disc and seat (600 BHN) provide superior wear resistance while maintaining tight seal tolerances

› Single through-bolt disc with ball pivot assures proper alignment and sealing

Simple and Easy Installation and Maintenance

› Large access port allows inspection and repair without removing the valve from service

› Bearing and packing design is easily serviced in place saving time and money

› Seat/disc replacement kit available for simple installation through access port

  1. What accessories can be ordered on these valves?[+]
    These valves can be ordered with an air cylinder or rotary vane actuator, and a variety of limit switches and solenoid valves. These valves can also be shipped assembled and pre-piped with the accessories, guards and junction boxes.
  2. What is the minimum air pressure required to actuate these valves?[+]
    The operating range is 60-100 PSI.
  3. Can the disc and seat be replaced while gate is installed in the line? [+]
    Yes, the valve’s large acces port allow maintenance personnel to change the disc and seat.
  4. Is UCC’s Titan HP Valve a direct replacement for Clyde Dome Valves?[+]
  5. When the valve is open, is the disc out of the flow of the ash? [+]
    The lever arm features a shield which protects the disc from abrasive wear in the open position.
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