Traditional ACI Systems

UCC is committed to innovation and technology that deliver performance advantages in our activated carbon injection systems. Our performance-based technology and extensive industry expertise set UCC apart from other suppliers. UCC ensures optimal system performance through sophisticated predictive modeling, on-site trials to validate removal rates, sorbent consumption, balance of plant effects and performance knowledge.

The traditional ACI system is a fully functional, pre-piped and wired skirted silo with equipment installed prior to arrival on site to the maximum extent possible. The silo rooftop equipment includes a bin vent filter, level detector, Hi Hi level detector, and pressure/vacuum relief. The silo is equipped with explosion panels and a truck fill line.

The silo bottom is a chisel with UCC standard fluidizing trays. The feed lines include gravimetric feeders with eductors to meter the material into the conveying line.

Inside the silo skirt, all required equipment is pre-piped and wired including motor starters or MCCs, PLC or DCS junction boxes, transformer, lighting, heating and ventilation, blowers and feed train stackup.

For more information on the M-PACT™, please contact your local UCC Representative.

  1. What is the lead time for a traditional, silo based ACI system?[+]
    Depending on the exact specification requirements, an ACI system generally can be installed in 9 to 12 months after receipt of order.
DSI System

United Conveyor Corporation leads the industry in performance-based turnkey solutions for dry sorbent injection at utility and industrial boilers. Dry Sorbent Injection is an economical and effective technology that injects selected sorbents into the flue gas to control SO2, SO3, mercury and acid gases.